We want this LARP to be as accessible as possible. Whatever your needs are, we can look for solutions together. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain what are your needs and ask us for details about the site. We can not guarantee that we will actually find a solution, but we will do our best to get there.

* Although the site is not approved for people with disabilities, it was chosen because the play area is perfectly flat, and a garage door allows to enter directly with a vehicle. The team is motivated to mitigate the limits of the facilities as much as possible. Moreover, the scenario is very static, few displacements are necessary. In case of need, we will provide you with the necessary help of a staff member. Keep in mind, however, that the space will be restricted because of the specific decor (which can be adapted to accommodate a wheelchair). Do not hesitate to ask us questions about it

* Do you need a specific person to accompany you throughout the LARP? It is quite feasible. This person can choose to participate in the scenario, in which case they will pay a fee and will be registered in priority on your session. We will choose together both your roles (so that the story justifies that you stay together most of the time) and discuss the moments during which you could be separated (the scenario can possibly be slightly adapted according to your needs).

If they do not want to have an active part in the scenario, they will simply have to wear a suitable costume, be discreet and participate in the costs for food. We will ask other participants not to pay attention to them. If you need a person to accompany you throughout the LARP but have no one available, we can help you find a person which would suit you.

* If you can not use toilets and showers that are not adapted, we suggest that we consider together alternative solutions, such as the installation of accessible dry toilets and human assistance.

Warning: the site does not include actual beds, but there is enough space to install a bed adapted to your needs.

* To come back to your role, feel free to tell us if you want it to be slightly personalised (example: your character actually moves in a wheelchair) or if you prefer to play without people including your disability in the way that they interact with your character.

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