The author and organizer:

Amélie, aka Saki Jones. Great consumer of narrations of all kinds, I have a weakness for science fiction and strictly no scientific training. What interests me in the future is the freedom to reinvent social frameworks, thus raising new questions, or very old ones that can be considered in a new light. I wrote, co-wrote and organized a dozen LARP of various formats, ranging from the multi-month campaign (Bloody Old Town) to very short formats (Oracle, Aymard's Shortbread ...).

My obsessions: creating group dynamics and keep LARPing accessible, while sipping a good chamomile with a pressed lemon juice.

The association:

Les Traverses ASBL aims to organize, supervise and promote life-size role-playing events. Located in the Liège region, we are primarily addressing a French-speaking audience ... but there is a first time for everything, this will take place in October 2020 with the English-speaking session of Identities.