There are ten roles in total, including three Cure staff and seven clients. Their genders do not matter, it’s a choice you can make if you consider it necessary. Note that all roles are aliens, who have no reason to comply with earth standards. 

Please note, the characters have secrets that are not mentioned in these quick presentations. Roles may therefore differ somewhat from your expectations reading them. Hence the importance of the questionnaire which we will ask you to fill out.




Adi is a Coriphe priest-ess in training, destined to take the place of the current priestess, who is getting too weak to fulfill their role.

The success of the Cure is based on the mental strength of a priest-ess, destined for a short and solitary life, far from their family, for the good of all Coriphes. It is both an honor, a heavy responsibility and a sacrifice. Some Coriphe family being stronger than others, Adi is related to the current priest-ess, Jani, twin of their mother, whom Adi hasn’t seen since their childhood.

This Cure is an obligation if Adi wants to get the priest-ess charge. But do they? They must participate in order to better understand their future role. It is also a precious help since the Cure will serve to amplify their determination, and help accept this sacrifice. They will also have the opportunity to see a loved one again, benefiting from Jani’s wisdom and experience.


To free their people from a dictatorship, Rioh has agreed to murder someone. In order to increase the chances of success of their action, their resistance cell ordered them to have their brain altered. Thus Rioh will not recede at the fatal moment and will accept their fate more easily, that is to say an almost certain death. Memories that could identify their comrades will also be erased, to protect them if Rioh is captured and tortured.


Del is going to marry someone powerful to end a war. The future of three nations depends on this union.

Del needs to have their personality modified so that it matches the tastes of their future mate. So both will be beautifully matched and perfectly happy.

It is a deeply rooted tradition among Del’s people, who used the Coriphes’ cures for hundreds of years. This makes them a valuable gift for the person to whom they are promised, because this person belongs to the only people in this part of the galaxy on which the Cure has no effect. A mate modified according to one’s desires is therefore a rarity.



Sul is a mixed-race. This is absolutely not noticeable, since they have the exact appearance of their two fathers’ species, which is the enemy of their mother's.

Having been raised in both cultures, xenophobia marked Sul’s entire existence. They decided to take back their destiny, first by modifying her DNA, then integrating the Cure and having everything that connects them to the maternal people erased from their memory. Nothing must remain. Thus they will be free to have a new start, even if they will probably come to hate their own species.


This fugitive must give everything up in order to survive. They already changed their physical appearance, all they have to do know is to forget their relatives, in order to protect them from harm, and also to stop suffering from missing them. To make this amputation bearable and to avoid being bound to others afterwards, they also asked to become someone particularly solitary, quite the opposite of their current personality.

Motr is Sul's half-sibling, they have the same fathers, but not the same mother: Motr isn’t a mixed-race.



How to recover from the loss of a part of oneself? Firde’ species has a tradition of uniting with symbiotes, creatures endowed with consciousness that can only survive in the body of a host-ess. During this union the two personalities merge to form one. But a symbiote can die, leaving their host-ess helpless, amputated of a significant part of their being.

Firde is radical in everything they do, whether it's making money, loving or turning the page. Refusing to suffer this loss, they joined in the Cure to restore what they consider to be their real personality, as if their symbiote was still with them.


Depending on how you look at history, some people are criminals or heroines.

Pod took radical decisions during the war that devastated their planet. Their species was victorious and they were welcomed as victors, but the nightmares remain.

What Pod wants is to look at their actions from the sole point of view of the winners, without allowing remorse to torture them anymore. They have no regrets, if the Cure doesn’t work they will continue to suffer knowing that they made the right decisions, and that they would do it again if the need arose



The current priest-ess of the Cure is its most important element. After two decades in the service of their people, Jani will finally be able to pass their knowledge and wisdom to the one who is destined to take their place. Jani is both happy to see their niece Adi, proud of the honor once again given to their family, and sad that this loved one, whom they would like to protect, is destined to a life of sacrifice. Jani knows that they will die soon, it is inevitable when one holds such a role: the body is exhausted in the service of others.

Usually a priest-ess stays away from clients, their contact with the group is only psychic. The presence of the person who will replace them justifies that, for the first time since their own Cure, Jani will be in direct contact with people outside the Coriphe Church: an opportunity and a gift that they will deeply appreciate.



Val is the Coriphe technician in charge of the artifact allowing the Regenerating Treatment, a key and secret element of the Cure. They are also the one who carefully selected the seven participants of this session to ensure the balance of personalities, therefore the effectiveness of the Cure.

Without being condemned to a life of recluse like their friend Jani, Val sometimes suffers from their work, without regretting their choice. They brought prestige and wealth to their entire family, who until then had lived more or less on the ban of society.

During their own Cure years ago, the intrinsic qualities that made them noticed were amplified: technical skills, fidelity and sense of duty.



The group's cohesion depends largely on the skills of this Coriphe technician. Their role is sometimes extremely difficult and requires a strong personality, since they are responsible for deciding the type of treatment adapted to each patient and applying it scrupulously, even forcefully if required.

Nice way, violent way .... Hud is not there to make new friends. Fortunately, they can count on the support and affection of their colleagues, Val and Jani, as well as the confidence of their hierarchy. 

Hud was not always capable of so much harshness, it’s during their own Cure that this quality has been developed, as well as their sense of duty and, yes, stubbornness.

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